At Tech For Troops, We Turn Your Donations Into Training, Education, And Technology for Veterans and Their Families In Need.

Tech For Troops is the Fastest Growing Veterans Organization Bridging the Digital Divide for Veterans and their Families in the USA. We are a Non-Partisan 501c-3 Non-Profit Corporation that provides veterans with skills, computers and IT workforce training. We will accomplish this by providing veterans and the children of veterans in need with free, refurbished computers and opportunities to partner through T4T with company businesses that provide training or networking experiences.

Come on in and help us tear down or refurbish computers!

Every Wednesday
4:30pm - 7:30pm
4840 Waller Rd
Richmond, VA 23230
Whether you have one ancient computer in your garage or 1,000 in a warehouse, donate used computers to Tech for Troops.

Monday - Friday 9am til 3pm
Wednesday 9am til 7pm
4840 Waller Rd
Richmond, VA 23230

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    Tech For Troops

    What does T4T do? Bridge the Digital Divide (read below) dig·it·al di·vide noun -- the gulf between those who have ready access to computers and the Internet, and those who do not. "a worrying “digital divide” based on race, gender, having a disability, live in a rural area, educational attainment, and income." U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Only 56% of U.S. adults with incomes under $30,000 have computers while 97% of U.S. adults with incomes above $100,000 have them. Pew Research 2017 #education #howto #networking #awesome #hacking #support #military

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    Tech For Troops

    HAPPY DAY!! Tech For Troops has newly revamped webpage - more stylish and informative. Go check it out! #business #education #networking #support #linkedin #friends #veterans #awesome #military #go

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