Tech for Troops - Empowering Veterans with computers, skills, and Information Technology (IT) work force training

Imagine serving your community while saving the environment.  

40 million TONS of e-waste are thrown in the landfill, burned in a burn pit or disposed of in the ocean or lake worldwide!  Millions and millions of pounds – That’s how much electronic waste people are tossing in landfills each year! 

The impact to our environment can be mitigated by donating your e-waste to Tech for Troops.  We extend the life of electronics by refurbishing and gifting them to America’s Active Duty Transitioning Military, Homeless and Impoverished Veterans and their families. We also use a R2-certified recycler who minimizes the materials discarded. 

Instead of waste and disposal, we repurpose technology for a renewed cause - a Veteran seeking to improve themselves!