Tech for Troops - Empowering Veterans with computers, skills, and Information Technology (IT) work force training

Community service is what we do

Community service is what we do – from supporting Veterans and their families, supporting the environment, and supporting individuals and corporations with volunteer opportunities.   Tech for Troops does all of this.  

You can help Tech for Troops, too!  

How You Can Help

Volunteer by:  

  1. Asking your company to host an e-waste drive.
  2. See if your employer matches your financial donations to charities. 
  3. Consider volunteering at Tech for Troops.
  4. Ask other businesses and schools to donate unused, retired, or  unwanted hardware to Tech for Troops. 
  5. Check with your homeowners association or neighbors and sponsor an ‘unused tech’ pickup drive in your community! 

And so much more!

There Are Many Ways to Help!

If you're unsure what to do or how you can help, we encourage you to simply reach out and just ask!
We are always in need of our community friends!