Tech for Troops - Empowering Veterans with computers, skills, and Information Technology (IT) work force training

The Mission is incredibly clear...

Tech for Troops empowers the under-resourced Veterans and their families by providing sustainable lifelong digital skills backed through training, education, and technology.

Our Vision is to Improve the lives of Veterans and their families through nationwide digital services.

We are a non-partisan, non-discriminatory Veteran services organization.

Our vision is to turn your donations into Training, Education and Technology for Veterans and their family in need.

Working computers can provide a new life to struggling Veterans rather than being discarded.

Many Veterans face two significant barriers when competing in the modern workforce: the lack of a computer and the lack of the skills needed to effectively use that computer.

T4T supports these Veterans by collecting used technology that would usually end up in landfills, then refurbishing the laptops and other devices.

We provide the reloaded technology, along with training, to Veterans in need for low or no cost


"These folks don’t just give back to the Veteran Community; they build a better one.”
– Kent R.

Who We Are

Tech For Troops was started in Richmond, Virginia by a mother and son team who were passionate about military Veterans in need and wanted to do something to help. In 2013 after hearing about the force reductions and a huge number of returning soldiers, they decided to collect used PCs and Macs, refurbish them, and provide them to Veterans’ support organizations.

Since then we’ve grown to supporting Veterans nationwide and continue to look for ways to offer workforce support and training.

Who We Help

Individual Vets

We supply qualifying Veterans with refurbished computers at low cost.  Each computer has a fresh installation of the operating system and is excellent for typical office tasks such as word processing and browsing the internet. 

Veteran Organizations

Tech For Troops supports Veteran-serving organizations like training centers, counseling clinics, outreach programs, and  housing organizations.   We support those who directly impact Veterans in our communities.


Our outreach to community groups starts by reclaiming computers and hardware that would normally be sent to the landfill.   By upcycling and recycling computers, we support the community our Veterans fought for.