Tech for Troops - Empowering Veterans with computers, skills, and Information Technology (IT) work force training
March 3, 2023

Richmond, Virginia – Tech for Troops, a nonprofit organization supporting Veterans with computers, skills training, and career development, announced the launch of a new website.   This new website will be used to further support the Tech for Troops mission, guide Veterans and their families with access to resources, and welcome involvement from the community to increase awareness for Veterans’ needs.

As this new website is launched at,  Mark Casper, CEO, said, “This new website allows us to make an immediate and clear impact on the lives of Veterans.  This is a tool for Veterans to locate our services faster.   We are better able to communicate with people who wish to donate equipment.”  

In creating this new website, Tech for Troops now enjoys a more stable platform and robust functionality.   “This new website is much easier for us to manage,” said Anthony Nienaber, Business Manager.   “We can accomplish more, for more people, in a shorter amount of time.  The efficiency we gain is exciting.”  

The new website highlights the various services offered by Tech For Troops, such as 

  • EAL 2+ certified data destruction which meets federal Department of Defense, Department of State, and Homeland Security standards
  • Data drive shredding options, which render a drive physically destroyed
  • Ability for Veterans to complete online applications for computers and
  • Opportunity for donors to give financial and equipment donations to Tech for Troops 

The website was designed and built by The Ridgefield Group in collaboration with Tech For Troops.

About Tech for Troops: Tech for Troops is a Richmond-based nonprofit serving Veterans as they develop individual technology skills, workforce training, and seek employment opportunities.  Tech for Troops receives unused hardware and computer donations, upcycles outdated technology for refurbished use, and recycles unusable hardware.