Tech For Troops is dedicated to empowering Veterans with computers, skills, and Information Technology (IT) workforce training. In order to start 2023 with great momentum, we’re raising as much money and gathering as much equipment as possible. Below are some ways you can help!

  1. Donate in 2023
    Tech For Troops can stretch your tax-deductible dollars a long way to help veterans in need. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Donating entities are eligible to receive a tax deduction for property donated under applicable rules and regulations of the IRS.
  2. Donate Technology Equipment
    We accept equipment donations from both corporations and individuals. This is a great way to prevent e-Waste. Don’t fill up our landfills with your used tech. Give it new life by responsibly recycling it with us! Save the environment and support a veteran! people are tossing millions and millions of pounds of electronic waste in landfills each year! We extend the life of electronics by refurbishing and gifting them to America’s Active Duty Transitioning Military, Homeless and Impoverished Veterans and their families. T4T guarantees Data Destruction for all devices that could contain data. The charitable deduction for contributions of technology equals the fair market value (retail used value in the current market place) of the donated property. For details about what we can and cannot accept, and where you can drop off new or used equipment, please contact us. We are always looking for:
     –  Working and non-working laptops with power adapters
     –  Desktop computers
     –  Working flat panel monitors
     –  iPads and tablets
     –  Cell phones
     –  Keyboards, mice, and other computer parts
     –  File servers and networking equipment
     –  Wiring (Cat5 and Cat6)
     –  All other electronics you are throwing away
  3. Shop via Amazon Smile
    When you shop online on please be sure to sign up for Amazon Smile, then choose “Tech for Troops” as your favorite charity! Or if you already have done that, simply type ‘’ into your browser, then, whenever you shop on Amazon, click on your Amazon Smile account, and AmazonSmile will donate 0.5% of your eligible purchases to T4T; it’s that easy!
  4. Buy Some Swag
    This is one of the easiest ways to support our organization, because you can shop at our Shopify store. In exchange for your money, you’ll get some promotional clothing or tchotchkes for your home, car, or office that make you look cool and can start a conversation about our cool organization!
  5. Create a Corporate Sponsorship
    If your company or employer wants to give back to the community and get recognized for doing so, then corporate sponsorship of T4T is the way to go! Our corporate sponsors have their logos displayed on our home page. Contact us to learn more about various levels of corporate sponsorship.
  6. Donate Event Ticket
    Proceeds sponsor an event in your community that donates all or partial proceeds to benefit T4T. For example, in the past, some organizations have donated the ticket proceeds from theatre and music performances.
  7. Employer Matching Partners
    We are grateful to the following companies who match the donations of their employees: Dominion Energy Foundation, US Bank, Bank of Bank, Bank, Network for Good, VMware Foundation, and Amazon Smile.
  8. Donate a Vehicle
    We now can accept vehicles as a form of donation! Selling or trading in a used car can be a hassle, and not very financially beneficial; but by donating your old car you could get a decent tax deduction.
  9. GiveTide
    This is an iPhone app that was created by two University of Richmond students, they’ve created a “virtual change jar” which rounds up spare change on your credit card purchases (ex:18¢ on $4.82 coffee and donut purchase) and lets you donate it to the causes you care about. Here’s how to get started:
     –  Download the app, at
     –  Log in with Facebook
     –  Sign in through the secure mobile banking portal. If you choose, you can set a weekly cap, even $5 a week is awesome! Search for Tech For Troops and create a shared goal with your friends. Once some spare change has gathered in your account, just tap the logo to donate.
  10. Kroger Community Rewards
    Kroger will make a donation to T4T every time one of our supporters shops there with their Kroger Plus card! You have to go online and enroll, but once you’ve done that, just shop for groceries and use your card for Tech for Troops to automatically start earning a rebate. Here’s how it works:
     –  Go online to
     –  Sign in or create an account.
     –  Add your Kroger Plus Card OR click on “Get a Digital Plus Card online today” if don’t already have one OR skip to step #3 if your card is already linked to your online account
  11. Enroll in the loyalty program offered by Target
    Tech For Troops was invited to participate in Target’s Circle giving program! But we need YOUR help to get the grant. Target Circle is a loyalty program offered by Target. The Community Giving Program is the program which provides Target Circle members the opportunity to earn and cast votes to help direct Target’s charitable giving among participating Nonprofits.