Donate Your Used Technology to Tech For Troops and help our Veterans and their Families in need!

Whether you have an ancient computer, old tablets in your closet or a hundred used laptops at your office, donate your used technology to Tech for Troops and make a difference in the life of a veteran. Even if your computer is yellowed, has holes the size of golf balls, or doesn’t even work anymore—Tech for Troops will take it!

We need and accept the following:

Working & Non-Working Laptops with power adapters Desktop computers
Working Flat Panel Monitors Cell Phones & Tablets
Servers & Network Equipment Mice, power, and network cables
RAM, video cards, network cards Keyboards & other parts

We do not accept the following:

CRT Monitors/TVs Scanners
Printers Cracked Monitors

If you work with a corporate I.T. department Tech For Troops will also pick up your used equipment and provide professional data sanitization services for FREE if executed at our location! Contact us to learn how.

What happens after a computer is donated?
  1. We have a guaranteed 3 step process to wipe all the data off of your old drive. We then reload the operating system on the computer and donate it to a Veteran in need.
  2. Some old computer parts are quite rare and in high demand, and we will sell them to collectors. Proceeds go directly to funding our mission.
  3. If unusable, we responsibly recycle old and broken computers working with R2 compliant recyclers both in town and across the country. Proceeds go directly to funding our mission. Before you donate, make sure to save any data that you want to keep, if the computer is still functioning. Tech For Troops will not be able to gather or save the data for you.

We except computers and contributions at our warehouse. We are 2/3 of the way down the left side of the building. Come to the white door with a Tech For Troops sign (at the red arrow in photo below) and ring the bell. If we don’t open the door within a minute, please ring again. It’s a big building and might take a minute to get to the door! We’ll give you a receipt to sign and that’s it! Please see the picture of our building above.

Our hours of operation are:
Monday – Friday 9am til 4pm

So DON’T throw away your old computers! Instead, get a tax deduction and help our veterans by donating to Tech for Troops.