What To Do With A Really Old Computer

old computer

Tech For Troops Project likes OLD computers. 

We like really old computers. Even older than the one above. 

  • If your computer has yellowed, we want it.
  • If it’s enormous, we love it.
  • If your grown children ask “What is it?”, to us it’s perfectly matured.
  • If it has holes the size of a golf ball, we think that’s a hole in one.
  • If it doesn’t work, or you don’t remember if it ever worked, no worries – we want it.
  • If your friends suggest it would be a great boat anchor, please don’t…

Here’s why we want really old computers:

  1. Some of the parts are rare and in demand. We sell them to rabid collectors.
  2. Some of the materials are highly valued by recyclers. This helps us pay veterans to train with us.
  3. Most fun of all, we make some of the unusual parts into art, fashionably referred to as “upcycling.” 

So DON’T throw away your old computer. Instead, here’s how to get a tax deduction and help veterans.

Do you have closets full of old company computers? Excellent. Here’s more about the corporate computer equipment to recycle

Thank you for your continued support!