Veteran Story - Meet Leonel

We love seeing the mission of Tech For Troops completed. It lifts us up to know that we’re achieving the change we want to see. We want to introduce Leonel. Below is his story and how Tech For Troops impacted his life.

Leonel - T4T Veteran Story

His Story

Ever since I was a kid growing up, I never really owned my own
laptop. I’m 43 years old and married with a family and this is my 1st ever
laptop which I can call my own thanks to T4T.

This is really a blessing for me at this time of my life with school college coming up only a few weeks away.
It’s impacted my life completely in a blessed and grateful way. There are people/organizations out that truly care for Veterans like me with this type of need. It was fulfilled and for that I’m thankful, grateful and blessed to be
apart of the T4T family..
Thank you, God bless and Semper Fi

Want to help more veterans like Leonel?

Consider making a recurring donation! Your donation of $15 / month covers the shipping to each of these vets. Feel like you can do more? $350/month covers the full cost of a laptop to a vet like Leonel, and just $50/month (Approx $13 a week – a lunch!) covers training so they can move confidently with the tools they need to get back to life.