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Trinity Episcopal School donates used computers to Tech For Troops Project

The Donation

Tech For Troops Project’s Co-Founder, Chris Phillips, graduated from Trinity Episcopal School in 2010. When the school magazine, The Titan Trail, published a write-up on what Chris and his mother had accomplished with Tech For Troops Project, the school decided to donate their used computers after the year ended. The collection of hardware will be used for the range of our programs.

Trinity also brought the first community service groups to Tech For Troops Project in early 2014. The Trinity football team helped collect used computers from donors at four computer drives during the spring. We hope to expand our relationship with Trinity’s well established and dedicated community service program in the future. Thank you, Trinity!

Although Trinity has an excellent art program, they can’t take credit for the mural behind the computers. The Girl Scouts of Fort Lee, daughters of active duty soldiers, visited Tech For Troops Project in January 2016 and made their thoughts on the military clear (and our wall colorful). Thank you to the Fort Lee Spouses Club and Girl Scouts!

About Trinity Episcopal School

Trinity is an independent co-educational school for grades 8 through 12 in Richmond, Virginia, offering a liberal arts, college preparatory education, including the world-recognized International Baccalaureate Program. In addition to being the only private school in Richmond offering the IB diploma program, Trinity is noted for its friendly and inclusive social atmosphere and sportsmanship while fielding state championship teams.