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Capital One and Team RWB Help Tech For Troops Project Expand

Team Red White & Blue Richmond Chapter and Capital One were among the volunteers who helped expand Tech For Troops Project’s warehouse capacity by joining in to install pallet racks on May 1, 2016.

Since Tech For Troops Project began in 2013, their growth has steadily necessitated more storage space. In the first two years the organization had to move or expand space seven times, going from a home garage to 2,000 square feet of commercial space.

Outta Space Place is Tech For Troops Program’s home in Richmond. The building housed a former printing company, and prior to that was a FedEx distribution center. Recently the building has been reconfigured to be a multi-tenant office/warehouse facility with well designed common areas. The combination gives Tech For Troops Project the perfect spot for the organization’s varied needs.

“We have a secure data room, workshop and warehouse with access to loading docks and garages. We also have use of a large training room, meeting rooms, and a lunch room. We’re adding an executive and volunteer office this year as well. We couldn’t ask for more,” said Laurie Phillips, Co-Founder of Tech For Troops Project.

“The pallet racks are an important addition,” said Mark Casper, Executive Director. “We’re getting much larger donations of corporate computers and we now have the capacity to store them efficiently.”

All of Tech For Troops Project’s space is secured by a controlled door access system, multiple levels of internal security controls, and 24/7 video monitoring of all space. “We’re located in a safe area, but we take security very seriously. We want to be able to show our donors that we’re prepared to accommodate even the most confidential systems.”