Tech for Troops - Empowering Veterans with computers, skills, and Information Technology (IT) work force training


All Third Party Fundraisers which benefit Tech For Troops must be aligned with our Mission – Tech For Troops is dedicated to empowering Veterans with computers, skills, and Information Technology (IT) work force training. Tech For Troops cannot and will not assume any legal or financial liability associated with third-party fundraisers. The HOST is responsible for all expenses related to a Third Party fundraiser and assumes all responsibility for any debts that may be incurred.  This includes any shipping costs for requested Tech For Troops products, postage, printing of approved gifts logo’d with Tech For Troops and other expenses.   

The Tech For Troops community image (ethical, honest, moral) is key to our success, therefore, the Host must fully and truthfully state the portion/percentage of the received proceeds which will be donated to Tech For Troops in all forms of advertising, promotional material and in all contact with potential donors, sponsors, and participants/attendees to the event.

Tech For Troops requires all Host(s) to assume all responsibility for obtaining all Federal, State, Local permits, licenses, and insurance certificates, if so required by your jurisdiction or any other jurisdictions that may the Host may participate in across locality or state lines. Please be aware that activities such as Raffles, Drawings, and other games of chance are governed by a variety of state municipal and federal laws. Therefore, these activities may need special permits.  Tech For Troops recommends that the Host plans accordingly and allows for extra time for permits, licenses, and insurance certificates to be obtained. 

Tech For Troops is not responsible for:

    • any physical damage that occurs before, during or after the event
    • attendee or personnel accidents that occurs before, during or after the event
    • property damage through negligence or otherwise that occurs before, during or after the event
    • or any mal-intent actions by attendees or host personnel in association with the fundraising initiative

All promotional materials (online and physical) must be clearly state that the fundraiser is sponsored by you or your organization with all net proceeds going to Tech For Troops . Any third-party fundraiser that is publicized or not must establish that  Tech For Troops is the sole beneficiary, not the fundraiser, organizer, sponsor, or host.

If the Host wants to use the Tech For Troops logo and webpage, Tech For Troops requires that we must approve, a minimum of one month in advance, the content of all invitations, advertisements, press releases, posters, or other promotional materials related to your fundraiser. Without express written consent, the Hosts may not use the copyrighted information, logos, or photos on the Tech For Troops website, social media, and other channels.

Tech For Troops  requires respect the privacy of our donors.  To protect the donors’ privacy and to ensure excellent stewardship of your contributions, we have the following policy: Donations made to a third-party fundraiser are and will be confidential unless the donor(s) choose to share their information with the Hosts. Tech For Troops  can provide donation totals to a host, this will include the number of donors and the total amount donated.  

This agreement shall not authorize the Host, or any of its employees or representatives, to act as an agent or enter into any agreements on behalf of Tech For Troops.


  • Provide a custom branded fundraising link 
  • Provide a QR code for donations
  • Provide a letter authorizing the Host to use Tech For Troops logo/webpage/QR code to be used to validate the authenticity of the fundraiser
  • If appropriate, we will engage with your fundraiser via your social media posts
  • Tech For Troops can provide a donation receipt for donors with an official acknowledgement statement via email (we need the donors’ email address)
  • Send a Tech For Troops representative to attend your fundraiser, if available
  • Provide Tech For Troops marketing materials such as brochures and flyers
  • Authorize the use of the Tech For Troops  name and logo at your fundraising event with a signed release form


  • Promote the fundraiser via our internal mailing or database list
  • Extend our sales tax exemption status for purchase of products towards the event
  • Provide insurance coverage for the Host, volunteers, venue, or products
  • Provide funding or reimbursement for expenses incurred by the Host
  • Solicit sponsorship revenue, silent auction, or raffle items for your event
  • Provide influencers (military or civilian), celebrities or professional athletes for your activity/event
  • Release volunteer, partner, or donor information
  • Endorse any products or services used in connection with the event


We, the Host, understand that Tech For Troops grants the Host, requestor or our organization a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferrable use of the Tech For Troops name and logo solely in connection with the above listed event. We agree that the specific and actual use of the Tech For Troops  name and logo shall be subject to the prior review and approval of an authorized Tech For Troops representative;

  1. The name and logo of any fundraising organizations which are similar to Tech For Troops shall not be used on any materials that will be using the name and logo of Tech For Troops;
  2. The Host will provide a sample copy, for approval, in electronic format of an intended use of  Tech For Troops name and logo at least ten (10) days prior to the event marketing starting. This includes but is not limited to marketing or promotional materials, press releases, invitations, information placed on websites regarding intended use, etc. The Tech For Troops email for the sample copy to be sent to is:
  3. The Host understands that the permission granted is date-specific and shall expire 10 days following the date of the actual event (unless agreed to that it will be ongoing). After that date, the Host will promptly cease and desist using the Tech For Troops name and/or logo and remove/ delete any inference of a relationship of any kind.
  4. The Host understands that by using the Tech For Troops name and/or logo in a promotion or fundraising event, the Host guarantees to donate the proceeds to Tech For Troops as stated to the organization and stated to supporters, customers, and partners.
  5. We understand that Tech For Troops ® reserves and has the right to terminate this agreement to use our name or logo at any time upon written notice by us, in which the Host and event shall promptly cease and desist using the Tech For Troops name and/or logo and any implication of a relationship of any kind.

Tech For Troops Does Not Permit the Following

  1. Events that are not in compliance with the Tech For Troops Mission and/or programmatic activities.
  2. Tech For Troops does not allow the use of professional or contracted third-party fundraisers or activities that raise money on commission.
  3. ALL events that involve gambling, illicit drugs, hate speech (of any kind), sexual content, or irresponsible consumption of alcohol.
  4. Tech For Troops is a nonpartisan organization and therefore cannot support events that involve the promotion or support of a political party or candidate, or events which appear to endorse a political activity.