Tech for Troops - Empowering Veterans with computers, skills, and Information Technology (IT) work force training

We field a lot of questions from our friends and volunteers about what materials we can accept.   

This guide can assist you in understanding what we need and how we work.  

Keep if you like, but Tech for Troops guarantees data destruction! 

Our data destruction process is HIPPA, NIST, DoD and NSA certified. We can also give a Certificate of Destruction for a nominal fee.  

No fee at all if you keep the drive! 

Laptop screens, fans, keyboards, RAM, etc. that were already removed from the laptops/desktops are fine!  No need to be labeled as to what manufacturer or model they came from.

We take everything and no need to label and there is no fee!

You can ship directly to our address listed below.  We have a ramp/forklift and pallet jack to make large deliveries easy.

Crate up equipment and ship to us at:  

Tech For Troops
4840 Waller Rd.
Richmond, VA 23230

We’d love to use them with the computer, but if you don’t have or cannot locate them, that’s ok!  

No, it doesn’t matter if the computer is working at all!  We refurbish computers to working condition and can use everything!


Yes, we’d take all of this equipment.

No, it doesn’t matter if they work.  Power cables are good to have but not mandatory! 

All equipment must be sent to our location in Virginia.  

 VGA? USB Cables (hooks monitor usb ports up to computers)? Network cabling that have no ends? Display to Mini Display? 

We accept all cabling – power, Cat5/6, no ends, with ends, it doesn’t matter.

We’ll responsibly recycle anything we can’t reuse to keep it out of the landfill.