Register for Hack4Troops

Up to 5 members allowed per team.
If you're participating as a student, you MUST present a valid I.D.
• Do not attack our infrastructure unless instructed to do so.

• Do not leverage skills, methods, techniques, or strategies learned in or for this competition towards or against any external entity without authorization.

• Sharing challenge content, solutions, or flags with any entity that is not a member of your team if forbidden.

• Do not copy challenges, content, or resources inside the competition for later distribution.

• Do not perform any action that may directly hinder another team or individual's ability to fairly compete in our event.

• Do not perform any action that could be considered rude or unjust to other teams.

• Pre-existing online resources are permitted, so long as competitors are not reaching out to online communities for direct answers.

• Do not ask for answers, hints, or other information regarding the competition from entities outside of the members of your team including mentors whom are not direct representatives of Hack4Troops.

• We reserve the right to modify, add, or remove rules at any time during the competition, but will provide updates as we deem necessary.

• All rules defined here are to be interpreted at the Hack4Troops admin team’s discretion.

• There are two tiers for registration K-12 and higher education. The K-12 tier consists solely of students who have not yet graduated high school, where as the higher education tier encompasses anyone past high school (This includes college students, professionals, interns, and independent researchers whom are not still in grade school)

• Competing in the wrong tier will result in disqualification from the competition

• Any questions regarding the rules should be directed to a moderator or admin at the event.

• We reserve the right to decide whether or not a team or individual violated a rule.

• We reserve the right to determine consequences for any violation(s) or any of our rules, including disqualification with no refund.