Recycling Technology – What’s Recyclable and What’s Not

Recycling Tech with Tech For Troops

The Full List of What We Accept for Donations

● Working and non-working laptops with power adapters
● Desktop computers
● Working flat panel monitors
● iPads and tablets
● Cell phones
● Keyboards, mice, and other computer parts
● File servers and networking equipment
● Wiring (Cat5 and Cat6)
● All other electronics you are throwing away

Why It’s Important That We Recycle These

Did you know… 2% of landfill waste is technology? Doesn’t seem like much, until we share that that 2% makes up 70% of the landfill’s TOXIC waste.

Over the last 5 years, Tech For Troops has recycled over 480 TONS of retired technology. Keeping it out of the landfills and serving vets at the same time.

Tech for Troops is also certified secure in wiping and securing harddrives. Meaning that all your sensitive information, whether you’re a corporation or an individual, is kept safe. Even after you no longer have the computer.

Are you ready to get involved and get rid of your old tech?

Get involved! We’re hosting an eWaste Recycling Drive March 29th to April 3rd. Check out our page here for full information!