Donate Computers

Where to recycle computers in Richmond VA at Tech For Troops Project warehouse and recycling collection

Donate used computers to Tech For Troops Project and help veterans!

Whether you have one ancient computer in your garage or 1,000 in a warehouse, donate used computers to Tech for Troops Project. Veterans in need will receive computers we refurbish, and we’ll make sure any unusable computers are responsibly recycled. 

Reusable computers

Tech For Troops Project refurbishes laptops

Refurbishing laptops at the Tech For Troops Project workshop

Your donated computers will be:

  • Tested and cleaned
  • Refurbished with necessary parts
  • Given a replacement hard drive with a new installation of Microsoft Windows
  • Donated to veterans in need to help them learn new job skills, find employment, connect to family, and apply for benefits

Computer Recycling

We collect old and broken computers to recycle. If a computer can’t be saved, we reuse or sell all viable parts and recycle the rest, working with R2 compliant recyclers both in Richmond and across the country. Proceeds from recyclers, as well as from reselling usable parts and equipment that exceeds our standard configuration, pays the salaries of veterans we hire. We collect corporate data center equipment to recycle too.

recycle data center equipment at Tech For Troops Project

Data center hardware to recycle

We need the following:

  • Laptops with power adapters
  • Desktop computers
  • Working flat panel monitors
  • Tablets
  • Cell Phones

We cannot take:

  • CRT monitors – the bulky old style
  • Scanners
  • Printers
  • Cracked monitors

There are regular dates and times to bring your computers. See the directions and schedule here.

If you would like to donate business computers or have questions, please contact us here for more information about corporate pick-ups.

Thank you for your continued support!