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tech for troops project computer training

Tech For Troops Project provides hands-on training on computer technology to veterans at no cost. Our training programs include computer hardware, operating systems, web development, and computer networking. 

Computer Hardware

Understanding computer hardware is a prerequisite to understanding computers. Learn about:

  • Parts of a computer
  • Standards for RAM, drive interfaces, etc.
  • Testing and troubleshooting
  • Common repairs
  • Upgrading components

Operating Systems


Every computer has an operating system – some have more than one. Learn the key installation and maintenance steps for the most popular computer operating systems in use. 

  • Installing and configuring Windows
  • Drive partitions
  • Windows security
  • Linux distros
  • Installing and configuring Linux

Web Development


Gain the confidence to build a website from scratch in our web development class. Learn about:

  • Web hosting
  • WordPress and plugins
  • Web site creation
  • Blog creation

Computer Networking


Learning about computer networking is a prerequisite to a career in computer security, networking, unified communications, data storage, computer support operations, and more. This course provides a basic introduction and includes:

  • Types of networks
  • Networking hardware
  • Network installation and configuration

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