Community Motorcycle Ride Helps Vets Stay Connected


If the past year and a half has shown us anything, it’s that having access to computers and technology is critical for staying connected to friends and loved ones.

For many, it’s how work is now done, and for adults and children alike, computers are essential for education. Yet, for many veterans, access to technology (and the knowledge about how to use it) presents a huge barrier. Without a computer, it’s nearly impossible to apply for a job. Something as simple as a laptop or tablet can mean the difference between poverty and a higher quality of life.

Bridging that gap is Tech For Troops.

Here’s how you can help—and have some fun while giving back to those who have served our country:

On August 28, motorcyclists will start their engines for a day-long Tech For Troops Poker Run from Capital Ale House in Midlothian, Virginia and ride 100 miles through the countryside before returning to Capital Ale for an afterparty.

Wondering what a poker run is?

In the Tech for Troops Poker Run, participants ride their motorcycles along the designated route and will stop at five checkpoints. At each stop, they’ll draw a playing card. The goal is to have the best poker hand at the end of the run.

The Tech for Troops inaugural Poker Run is the first big motorcycle event for the Tech For Troops veteran community to come together in support of this important cause.

Whether you have a motorcycle (or even if you don’t) you can participate in the Tech For Troops Poker Run and make sure our veterans have access to vital computers and technology that will keep them connected and help them in their careers and lives.

Save now by registering early!

In addition to the Poker Run, there will be raffles and music for all to enjoy. To register and for more information use the button above or visit: