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Thank you to Chik Fil A at Willow Lawn for sponsoring Tech For Troops Recreational “UpCycle” Art event on the 25th.

Thank you to Chik Fil A at Willow Lawn for sponsoring Tech For Troops Recreational “UpCycle” Art event on the 25th.  Tech For Troops is very happy that the Chik Fil A organization supports our veterans and our overall mission.  

Quotes from Kristy Geiger, Willow Lawn Marketing Director at Chik Fil A – “We would be delighted to provide a food donation for your upcoming event on January 25.” and “You are most welcome as it is truly our pleasure to support your organization and our valued veterans. “

Stay tuned to our FaceBook, InstaGram and Webpage for photos and videos that will be taken at the event.  

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Thank You to the Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail

Tech For Troops wants to say a big Thank You to the Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail for donating computer equipment!

The Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail detains both pre-sentenced and sentenced inmates from the Albemarle, Charlottesville and Nelson jurisdictions who present a physical threat to the community or themselves, sentenced to jail, or a risk of not appearing for court hearings.

Thank you so much for your support!!

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Military Officers Association of America, Richmond, VA chapter supports Tech For Troops Project

As the nation’s strongest and most effective military service organization, the Military Officers Association of America supports military officers and their families at every stage of life and career. MOAA’s greatest mission is to improve the lives of those who serve and their families. We achieve this largely through our tireless advocacy efforts on issues affecting today’s career force, the retired community, and veterans of the uniformed services.

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Southern States Supports Tech For Troops Project

Southern States Cooperative

Southern States is a farmer-owned agricultural cooperative since 1923. It is headquartered in Richmond, and sells to consumers as well as commercial operations. Southern States has over 130 stores in 9 states, and believes in supporting their local communities.

The Donation

One of the company’s values is “Always be neighborly”, and when Southern States employee Monica Casper suggested supporting Tech For Troops Project, the company readily agreed. Southern States employee association held a “wear jeans to work day” and each employee who did so donated $10 to us. They raised $420 while enjoying a relaxed day at work, and enjoyed the great feeling of presenting the check to Tech For Troops Project even more.

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Trinity Episcopal School donates used computers to Tech For Troops Project

The Donation

Tech For Troops Project’s Co-Founder, Chris Phillips, graduated from Trinity Episcopal School in 2010. When the school magazine, The Titan Trail, published a write-up on what Chris and his mother had accomplished with Tech For Troops Project, the school decided to donate their used computers after the year ended. The collection of hardware will be used for the range of our programs.

Trinity also brought the first community service groups to Tech For Troops Project in early 2014. The Trinity football team helped collect used computers from donors at four computer drives during the spring. We hope to expand our relationship with Trinity’s well established and dedicated community service program in the future. Thank you, Trinity!

Although Trinity has an excellent art program, they can’t take credit for the mural behind the computers. The Girl Scouts of Fort Lee, daughters of active duty soldiers, visited Tech For Troops Project in January 2016 and made their thoughts on the military clear (and our wall colorful). Thank you to the Fort Lee Spouses Club and Girl Scouts!

About Trinity Episcopal School

Trinity is an independent co-educational school for grades 8 through 12 in Richmond, Virginia, offering a liberal arts, college preparatory education, including the world-recognized International Baccalaureate Program. In addition to being the only private school in Richmond offering the IB diploma program, Trinity is noted for its friendly and inclusive social atmosphere and sportsmanship while fielding state championship teams.

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Edward Jones Financial Advisors donate PCs to Tech For Troops Project

When Edward Jones Branch Operations Assistants held a regional meeting in Richmond they encouraged employees to bring used computers to donate to Tech For Troops Project. The response was overwhelming. Both Branch Operations Assistants and Financial Advisors contributed. Some of the equipment donated is pictured below with three veterans: Tech For Troops Project staff James Grahek, U.S. Army, Tech For Troops Project volunteer extraordinaire Dana Bondy, U.S. Army, and Don Pierpont, U.S. Marine Corps and member of the Tech For Troops Project staff. 

We love employee computer drives. Please contact us to arrange a date for your employer to host a donation day. Everyone gets a tax receipt and the benefit of knowing that you are helping our veterans.

edward jones donation april 2016



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Performance Food Group Supports Tech For Troops Project

Performance Food Group Company (NYSE: PFGC) partnered with Tech For Troops Project to support veterans, save money, and provide an environmentally friendly way to repurpose PFG’s used computers.

Since the fall of 2014, when PFG replaces computers, the used PCs are shipped back to Richmond and donated to Tech For Troops Project, who wipes all data, refurbishes the PCs, and donates them to veterans.

The partnership was reported in an October 29th press release reported:

Tech For Troops was established in 2013 primarily to give local veterans the tools and skills that will enable them to land a better job and improve their standard of living. Another goal is to prevent used computer equipment from ending up in landfills. Equipment that cannot be refurbished is either recycled responsibly or used for parts. Since its inception, Tech For Troops has donated more than 700 refurbished computers used by more than 3,000 veterans in Central Virginia.

“We provide computers to veterans so they can find and apply for jobs online, develop job skills and even start their own businesses,” said Laurie Phillips, Co-Founder of Tech For Troops Project.

“We keep fully depreciated but still usable computers out of landfills, and the feedback we’ve received indicates that we’re making a difference,” she added. “So many veterans tell us that they’ve found jobs because of the computer we gave them. We’ve been told that we are changing veterans’ lives. Donations from PFG and other companies make that possible.”

PFG’s support of Tech For Troops is aligned with the company’s initiative to hire military veterans and spouses. In fact, much of the equipment has gone to veterans’ support organizations including the Association for Wounded Veterans, Veterans Strong Outreach and Veterans’ Employment Program. In addition, PFG’s donation helps the company avoid disposal costs for used computer equipment.

“Our partnership with Tech For Troops Project has been terrific and a win-win for all involved,” said Terry West, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer for PFG. “Veterans in our area benefit by receiving usable computer equipment to assist in their job searches and other aspects of their lives, and we benefit by avoiding disposal costs and preventing equipment from ending up in landfills.”